Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chilly in London - Outfit of the Day

It's been sunny yet chilly here in London today, and I didn't really plan my outfit based on the chill factor! But this is what it looks like today:
Today I'm wearing:
  • A Neff Headwear beanie
  • The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter tee
  • Denim gilet from Topman
  • Copper chino's from Topman
  • Mid dunks by Nike
  • Asos gold watch
I love colors and graphics, and I think that The Hundreds as a brand incorporate both factors into their designs extremely well, and on top of that, the t-shirt I'm wearing is a limited edition! The Neff beanie was ordered from an American site called Dr Jays which is huge in the USA, and they stock some pretty cool urban brands. As for my shoes, I've had them for about 4 years now and they're from a store in Camden Town (no it doesn't mean they're fake!). Regardless of the fact that they're a little worn, I find that Nike shoes always last for a matter of years, so you can get a really good wear out of them.

Stores in relevance to my outfit:

Dr Jays (American) 
Urban Industry 

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